Leabhar Liosta Rang 3. (2022/2023)

GaeilgeAbair Liom E   Foclóir Béarla/Gaeilge – English/Irish Dictionary   Ag Ceangal Liom EFolens   An Gum   www.lámhchú
MataMata Meabhrach 3 Leabhar Táblaí / Tables Book  CJ.Fallon COGG
Béarla  Spell It! 3 Third Class Collins School DictionaryFolens    
OSIEAtlas BunscoileAn Gúm
Cóipleabhair (Copies)             SuppliesPack of 88 pg writing copies(A11) 4 sum copies (C3 120page) 1 A4 Hardback copy 1 A4 Display Folder 40 pocket 1 Large Zip lock Folder Plastic document folder (A4)     Pencils, 1 pencil case, ruler, sharpener, twistables, 2 large pritt-stick, Adult-sized T-shirt / smock, Feadóg Stáin D  There is no need to have books or copies covered, however, please remember to label all copies, folders, and books in large print on the outside cover   Also remember to label stationary, t-shirts, coats, jumpers, ties, and lunch boxes    
Book rentalAll supplementary class readers / novels Gaeilge/Béarla/Osie/Osps/Mata  €35
Costaisí *24-hour accident and Insurance cover Patron Contribution Arts & Crafts Photocopying Stationary    €50
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