Leabhar Liosta Rang 4. (2021/2022)

GaeilgeAbair Liom F  
Foclóir Béarla/Gaeilge – English/Irish Dictionary
MataMata Meabhrach 4
Leabhar Táblaí / Tables Book  
Béarla    Spell Well 4 Collins School DictionaryCJ.Fallon  
OSIEAtlas Bunscoile   
Cóipleabhair (Copies)           SuppliesPack of 88 pg writing copies. 4 sum copies Mrs Murphy Fourth Class Cursive Writing copy (EDCO) A5 Hardback copy 1 x 40page Display Folder 1 Large Zip-lock folder Pack of 3 plastic envelope folders   Pencils, pencil case, ruler, sharpener, Twistables, 2 large pritt-stick, Adult-sized T-shirt / smock, Feadóg Stáin D, USB Disk(8GB)          
  Book rentalAll supplementary class readers / novels   Gaeilge / Béarla / Mata/OSIE / OSPS  €35
  Costaisí *  Accident and Insurance cover Patron Contribution Arts & Crafts Photocopying Stationary  €50
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